Kansas-born prank machine Dawson is known as ‘Big Daws’ for a good reason… He’s big (we figure you got the ‘Daws’ part). He’s 6’5″ without sneakers on. So, yeah – the dude’s HUGE. But not just height-wise; BD’s quickly becoming one the world’s biggest YouTube pranksters. He may only be in his early 20’s, but he’s wasting no time getting massive with his awesome blend of ballsy, funny and socially-aware pranks. He’s The Real McCoy.

Now working out of Tempe, Arizona, his pranks, experiments and stunts range from things like eating junk food at the gym and a nerdy character rapping to strangers to rather some sweet giving away gifts to people videos. Daws has got this huge on the internet all while studying at Arizona State University. So we can only imagine how stratospheric he’s going to go once he’s finished his studies and frees up more time to go prank crazy…

Here’s one of Big Daws’ top pranks so far:

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